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GrandPap's Inventions by nerdsman567 GrandPap's Inventions by nerdsman567
This is Oliver Glaze, Marilyn's GrandPap.

GrandPap was an inventor who had a nack for creating innovation and robotics. As a young man, he built many creative and helpful inventions which ran on old-fashioned gears and clockwork. His inventioned aided many people during his golden years. He eventually settled down with a wife and had a beautiful baby girl which he named Clarissa.

By his elder years, he no longer required to make more inventions due to the growth of more practical technological advances. By then, he made inventions to aide himself in his more frail state. He invented things like a small robot butler (upper-middle), a flying tea server which ran by windup key (second down), a self-controlled vacuum cleaner also ran by windup key (third down), as well as artificial humanoids like a robotic puppy (lower-middle) and a fully functional humanoid robot which ran by windup key (right).

When his daughter Clarissa gave birth to her first child, Marilyn, Oliver was more than happy about this wonderful news. Throughout Marilyn's "toddlerhood", GrandPap would amuse Mary by showing her all his latest inventions and telling her all his special secrets every time she visited. GrandPap was a very close and special friend to Marilyn; vise versa with GrandPap. But by the time Marilyn was five years old, GrandPap had passed away; he was 85 years old.

Marilyn loved her GrandPap very much. Four years after his death, Mary heart still yearns for his love. Sometimes, when she feels the most lonesome, Marilyn visits his grave at the local cemetary. Sometimes, she even stops by his house, now gravely aged, to revisit some of the old memories she had with her grandfather. It's all she has left to remember him by. :(

Oliver "GrandPap" Glaze (C) Me
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I feel deep sympathy for Marilyn Shine who lost her grandpap when she was five years , i feel sorry for Marilyn her heart still yearns for his love, i Think It's Time for Marilyn Shine to move on.

Marilyn: :( :'(
me: *sympathy* *Hugs Marilyn* It's
Princessadeli Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011  Student Filmographer
Aww such a sad story, he must have been an awesome man :D I mean, making robots? That's so cool!
nerdsman567 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, he was a man of epic proportions. :dummy:
CookieDevour Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
aaw..:'c i love the inventions he made! :D wish he was MY grandpa
nerdsman567 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :aww:
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